Škoda to deliver 40 trams to Ostrava

The Board of Directors of Ostrava public transport company, DPO, unanimously approved the acquisition of 40 new trams from Škoda Transportation.
Under the CZK 1.9 billion (EUR 74 million) contract, Škoda will deliver 40 ForCity Smart trams by 2020. The low-floor tram has a capacity of 200 passengers and they are fitted with external and internal camera systems, air-conditioned system, wi-fi, USB ports.
“I see this decision as another of the key steps towards fulfilling our strategic vision of becoming the state-of-the-art transport company in the Czech Republic. If we add to the new trams from Škoda to the ones from Stadler, by 2021 we will probably have the youngest tram rolling stock fleet in the country,” Daniel Morys, CEO of the DPO Board said.

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