Škoda tests battery tram intended for Turkey

Skoda tramvai pentru Konya_tramvaj_v_depu_(1)Škoda Transportation has begun testing a battery-powered ForCity Classic tram destined for Turkey in the Czech city of Pilsen.
The tram, one of 12 battery-powered units ordered by the Turkish city of Konya, is able to run without catenary power for around three kilometres.
It is the third to be built by Škoda, with two trams already in Konya undergoing tests. All 12 vehicles will be delivered to Konya by the end of July.
Škoda Transportation originally concluded a contract for 60 trams ForCity Classic with a transport company in Konya. All trams within this contract were delivered to Konya at the end of March this year. Last year, the local customer also ordered twelve more trams, this time battery-powered ones. All trams for Konya are low-floor, five-segment trams with three chassis and, moreover, they can be used as a tram set consisting of two vehicles in the planned about 4-km long Turkish tunnel. This means that they are designed to be operated as a light subway. The total value of the contract for 72 trams is 3.4 billion.

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