Škoda presents its solutions to reduce costs

autonomous technologyŠkoda Group has presented its autonomous technology as the best solution to allow public transport providers to reduce rising costs of repairing vehicles damaged by collisions while ensuring safety, both inside and around vehicles.

Škoda Group has come up with solutions that enable transport companies to take their services to a new level by integrating them. These include, for example, automatic train operation or an anti-collision system. The group presented its digital systems during a press conference at the Trako 2023 trade fair in Gdańsk, Poland.

Train operators are looking at how to optimise energy consumption across the vast rail network. Škoda Group’s ATO system automatically guides the train. Its role is to automate the driver’s tasks and plan the journey with respect to the timetable and energy savings. The system can react to the current situation on the route and thus minimise energy loss. The presence of the driver is then required to deal with unforeseen and unpredictable events.

“The use of smart technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 15%, optimising financial costs. Trains also keep to timetables better thanks to the ATO system, leading to an overall increase in the quality of service. In addition, transport becomes more environmentally friendly, safer and smoother in daily operations,” Jiří Liberda, President Business Unit Digital at Škoda Group, said.

Urban transport companies, on the other hand, face high costs for repairing damaged vehicles after collisions. These occur not only in traffic but also in depots. Reducing the impact of collisions is the task of the anti-collision system (ACS). Škoda Group uses a combination of LiDAR technology, cameras and precise localisation using HD maps and odometry. This set-up allows the system to create a virtual tunnel in which the vehicle can detect obstacles, provide early warning and also provide emergency braking. By implementing ACS in their vehicles, providers can significantly reduce the costs associated with dealing specifically with the aftermath of accidents and reduce the number of serious injuries.

Škoda Group is not only coming up with breakthrough solutions, but also with a vision in which autonomous technology plays a key role in public transport. The group’s latest project builds on existing digital systems and integrates them into a comprehensive smart depot ecosystem. The equation is simple: increased efficiency plus increased safety equals cost savings, a happier passenger and a cleaner environment.



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