Škoda delivers restaurant cars to VR Group

VR Group awarded Škoda Transtech a EUR 23.3 million (CZK 600 million) contract for the supply of seven new restaurant cars, which will enter services in 2021-2022. The cars will be manufactured in Kajaani, Finland.
All of the cars are pressure-tight in design and excel in thermal insulation, something that is ideal for operations in the severe conditions of the north where temperatures get as low as -35 degrees Celsius. Even the transitions are pressure-tight, allowing movement between the cars to be safe and comfortable. The vehicles comply with TSI and their maximum speed is 200 km/hour. All cars have a rugged aluminum structure designed in accordance with existing safety standards so that in the event of an accident the deformation zones absorb any crash and so keep passengers safe from the effects of the collision.
“Customers appreciate our renewed restaurant services and their popularity is growing, by 20% over the last couple of years. At the same time we are continuing to increase the capacity of our cars. Since 2015 we have invested €235 million to our rolling stock including the new restaurant cars,” said Maisa Romanainen, Senior Vice President of Passenger Services, at VR Group.
Škoda Transtech has already produced 26 restaurant cars for the Finnish Railways. Company has several types of double-decker carriages in its portfolio. These are passenger, control and sleeper cars. The first passenger car was deployed on Finnish tracks in July 1998.

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