Siemens Mobility completes HMH acquisition

Slovakian technology company Siemens Mobility has completed the acquisition of HMH, s.r.o., a Slovakian technology company, that offers the Mirel national train protection system for Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland.

With this acquisition, Siemens Mobility is now able to offer a complete train protection portfolio covering the Eastern European rail corridors. HMH will remain based in Bratislava, Slovakia, and will be integrated into Siemens Mobility’s Rail Infrastructure business unit.

“HMH is a strategic addition to our rail infrastructure portfolio and enhances our market position. This acquisition represents an important milestone in our pursuit of providing comprehensive solutions from a single source for all rolling stock providers in Europe,”Andre Rodenbeck, CEO of Siemens Mobility Rail Infrastructure said.

Mirel VZ1 is the complete and unique legacy solution on the market that is designed to support the safe operations of railways in the four above mentioned countries. In 2022, the company has completed the homologation process of Mirel VZ1 integration with ETCS on-board equipment in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Designed as a harmonised system with an interface according to European rail standards, Mirel VZ1 is capable of being integrated with ETCS, the future rail protection system for all European Union member states.

“Siemens Mobility is the perfect partner for us. Together we can build and grow our portfolio of train protection systems which have been leading the way for the past two decades. The future lies in European cross-border rail traffic. With HMH now being an integral part of the Siemens Mobility family, we will be at the center of this development for the Eastern European market. This is a major step for our future,” says Tomáš Horváth, the CEO and Founder of HMH.

The Slovakian technology company was established in 1993 and has been dealing with the development, production, and maintenance of train protection and train control monitoring systems since 1999. The company´s main product is Mirel.



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