Siemens launched Smartron locomotive

Siemens announced that its new locomotive is “immediately” available to customers for test runs and demonstration, as already received approval for operating in Germany and can be delivered this year. “Smartron” has been conceived for freight transport services in Germany and ensures customers cost-efficient operation and the highest safety standards.
The Smartron is based on proven components of the Vectron, which has already demonstrated its reliability in over 100 million kilometers of operation. The locomotive has a maximum output of 5.6 MW and a top speed of 140 km/h. It operates on the standard 1,435 mm gauge and weighs around 83 tonnes. The locomotive is designed for the 15-kV AC power system and is equipped with the PZB/LZB train protection system. The locomotive will be delivered in the standard color “Capri Blue.”
“With the new Smartron, we’re offering our customers a powerful and reliable locomotive that is configured for specific operations, making possible a simple purchase process. One standard version, one standard contract, one standard price – that’s the idea behind the Smartron,” says Sabrina Soussan, CEO of the Mobility Division at Siemens.

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