Siemens Avenio tram undergoes extreme weather conditions tests

Avenio-Tram für Wüstenstaat widersteht extremer Hitze / Avenio tram for a desert country withstands extreme heatThe Avenio tram scheduled to enter service in the capital of Doha in 2016 will have to function flawlessly under extreme heat and high humidity conditions. To ensure it’s ready for these extremes, the tram undergoes comprehensive tests in temperatures ranging from zero to more than 40 degrees Celsius in the Climatic Wind Tunnel testing facility of Rail Tec Arsenal (RTA) in Vienna, Austria.
In 2016, 19 Avenio trams are scheduled to begin serving a new line in the capital of Qatar – and manage this without overhead contact lines. The trams are equipped with Siemens‘ Sitras HES hybrid energy storage system that quickly charges even during the shortest station stops. A heavy-duty air conditioning system and special shading on the tram roof protect against the desert country’s intense sun and high temperatures.

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