Shanghai to begin trials on automated metro line

Shanghai Shentong Metro Group announced that the new metro line with driverless trains will be tested by the end of March.
The new line is part of Shanghai Metro’s Line 8 Phase 3 project, a new 6.6 km, dual-lane elevated, driverless APM system that will connect the large residential district of Pujiangzhen to the Line 8 interchange at the Shendu Highway Station.
The delivery of the first Bombardier Innovia APM 300 vehicle to the city of Shanghai took place at the beginning of 2017. The vehicle’s propulsion system allows it to operate at speeds up to 80 km/h while an advanced suspension and guidance system, coupled with rubber-tires, reduces noise and vibration to deliver a smooth ride.
Paired with the Cityflo 650 CBTC system, the Innovia APM 300 increases line’s capacity by safely reducing the time and distance needed between each vehicle traveling on the line.
To date, Bombardier and its joint ventures have delivered, or are in the process of delivering, 1,608 metro cars to Shanghai Metro, equipped with the Bombardier Mitrac propulsion and auxiliary systems.

Photo: Xinhua

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