Serbia prepares new rail modernisation projects

Serbian railway infrastructure manager, Infrastruktura Zeleznice Srbije, has announced that in 2020 construction works will be launched on Novi Sad-Subotica, which is the third section of Belgrade – Budapest line, on Nis – Dimitrovgrad line including Nis bypass. In addition, starting next year, modernisation works will start for 230 km of regional lines.
Infrastruktura Zeleznice Srbije, is currently investing EUR 960 million for the reconstruction and modernisation of 402 km of railway lines.
In the past four years, EUR 1 billion were invested to modernise and reconstruct 516 km of lines on country’s railway network.
Currently, 74.7 km rails are being constructed between Belgrade and Novi Sad and the first 17-km of rails have been laid for speeds of up to 200 km/h. In addition, reconstruction works are carried out on the 69 km line between Jajinci and Mala Krsna, on the Corridor 10. This year, Infrastruktura Zeleznice Srbije launched reconstruction works for 259 km of regional rail lines. Works are performed on the Niš – Zaječar regional line (108 km), Subotica – Senta (38.5 km), Markovac – Resavica (53 km), Kragujevac – Lapovo (31 km) and Kikinda – Banatsko Miloševo (28.5 km). After construction works, trains will run at speeds of 160 km/h, from currently 10-30 km/hour. Last year, reconstruction works were completed on Sabac – Loznica – Brasina (53 km) Pozarevac – Majdanpek (90 km) regional lines, offering comfortable passenger services.
In addition, in the past two year, Infrastruktura Zeleznice Srbije reconstructed and modernized 40 railway stations and installed automatic system at 17 level crossings. The company modernises 27 tunnels with 4 tunnels on Donja Borina – Zvornik and Kraljevo – Raska line being completed. 4 other tunnels between Bor and Majdanpek and 15 tunnels on the Šargan Eight (Serbia’s narrow-gauge heritage railway) are being reconstructed.

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