Second Europe’s Rail call for proposals launched

Europe’s Rail has announced the second call for proposals with a funding of EUR 14.7 million for  exploratory research and other activities, within the framework of the amended annual work programme 2022-2024. The projects worth EUR 35.8 million and the application period is opened with submissions to be accepted until 14 December 2022.

With three topics under Destination 7 – Innovation on new approaches for guided transport modes – and seven topics under Destination 8 – Exploratory research and other activities – this second call of 2022 of the Europe’s Rail programme is expected to raise high interest in the transport community and beyond. The indicative Horizon Europe co-funding made available by the Europe’s Rail for this call is EUR 14.7 million, out of an estimated projects’ value of around EUR 35.8 million.

With this research and innovation action, the Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking intends to build a rail research and innovation community – cooperation/network/alliance of scientific research entities – cooperation/network.

In March 2022, Europe’s Rail has launched its first call for proposals with a EUR 234 million co-financing from the Horizon Europe.


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