Sakhalin Island locomotives to begin tests

Voith_Sinara-loco TG16MThe first new TG16M series double locomotive of the Russian locomotive manufacturer Sinara Transport Machines commenced operations in December 2014. A total of 32 locos will be used by RZD on the Pacific Island of Sakhalin. For a period of six months, it currently undergoes a number of tests and certifications. The test runs will be used for examining speeds and train loads before the locomotive enters regular service.
The double locomotive 001 is one of the first two vehicles for the Pacific Island. In October it already successfully passed the static and dynamic inspection in Lydinovo, Russia. During the static inspection, Voith employees checked the installation space and all interfaces and installed the transmission. This was immediately followed by the dynamic inspection, during which the locomotive successfully completed its first test trip.
Locomotive 002 performed its first test runs in the city of Kolomna at the VNIKTI Institute (Russian Institute of Research, Design and Technological Studies in Railway Rolling Stock). Meanwhile it has been moved to Sakhalin and already covered 5,000 km. This move is now followed by the series delivery of the components and the subsequent production of the other TG16M mainline locomotives. All locos will be fitted with two Voith component sets, consisting of L 530 breU2 turbo transmission, a cooling system as well as highly flexible couplings from the BR 152 and BR 199 range.
The acquisition of the new locomotives is part of a fleet modernization of its operator RZD. Their output is about 40% higher compared to the currently used models, achieving a maximum speed of up to 100 km/h.

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