RZD to elaborate Cuba’s rail master plan

Union of Railways of Cuba awarded RZD International a EUR 92 million contract for the elaboration of a railway master for Cuban railway network development. Under the plan, RZD International will be involved in the modernisation of the facilities on the Central line, connecting Havana central station with Santiago de Cuba station, and on the Southern line. In addition, the Russian company will design the integrated traffic control center and depot for maintenance and repair of track machines and small-scale mechanization facilities.
The agreement also stipulates for training of 600 Cuban railway workers under programmes of highest and secondary special education and advanced training of managers and specialists.
“We are glad to become a part of a Cuban railways rehabilitation process and ready to take this responsibility. We will start implementing the project next year”, RZD International’s Director General Sergey Pavlov said.
In October, the two companies signed a EUR 1.9 billion contract for the reconstruction and modernisation of 1078 km of lines and 357 structures, the installation of new signaling systems in stations, the construction of the control center. Under the main contract, RZD International will also supply Cuba track machinery, materials and equipment and will prepare the master plan.
The contract will be implemented within the next 10 years.

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