RZD is negotiating to reopen the Tallinn-Moscow route through St. Petersburg

RZDThe Russian Railways (RZD) is negotiating to restore the train service between Tallinn and Moscow with a route via St Petersburg, Delfi reports, citing Russian Federal Passenger Company (FPC) Director General Mikhail Akulov.
“The Russian Railways have not operated on that route with trains, this was transportation, carried out according to annual travel schedule by Estonian passenger transport company GoRail. Decline in transport led to financial pressure. At the moment when it began to emerge, we held negotiations with them and we were looking for the opportunity to raise the demand for transport with our participation; unfortunately, it did not help the company to ensure the profitability of the line as a whole, and it suspended the railway connection,” said Akulov via TASS, cites LETA.
Akulov said that in early May, a meeting of FPC, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian railway companies took place in St Petersburg. “Among other things, the issue was discussed of how to solve this problem. One of the options is transport of a group of wagons on the Tallinn-Moscow route from Moscow to St. Petersburg, and then a separate group from St. Petersburg to Estonia. Currently, consultations are continuing, and we are ready to take such a decision, just time is needed because the departure of the carrier from the route and the start of operations by another one is related to the determination of procedures. We are in favor of this connection being restored,” said Akulov.
The passenger train connection between Tallinn and Moscow and Tallinn St Petersburg routes was stopped at the beginning of May as the transport company GoRail said that due to the considerable fall of number of tourists from Russia, it is not possible for a private company to maintain the routes solely with ticket revenues.

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