RZD inks collaboration agreement with Komi Republic

The government of the Komi Republic, Russia, and RZD have signed an agreement on cooperation for the period 2018-2022. The document was signed in Sosnogorsk by Valery Tanaev, the head of Northern Railways, and Sergey Gaplikov, the head of the Komi Republic.
The parties intend to resolve jointly issues related to the development of passenger transport in both long-distance and suburban railways, and to determine the amount of subsidies for shipping companies. The agreement also foresees cooperation on the development of railway infrastructure facilities, as well as on upgrading the infrastructure of the passenger complex, including railway stations.
The agreement also includes the issues of traffic safety, medical services for the population, the maintenance of, and energy supply to social facilities, and the prevention of non-production injuries.
In 2017, RZD invested RUB 813 million (EUR 11.4 million) in infrastructure on the territory of the Republic of Komi. The railway track is constantly being modernised and repaired, including on sections with permafrost on the Chum-Labytnangi and Chum-Vorkuta lines. Last year, 1,646,000 passengers travelled from the Komi Republic on long-distance trains and 387,700 people on suburban trains. The Sosnogorsk Territorial Administration of the Northern Railway loaded 11.2 million tons of freight last year.

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