Rome Metro gets financing to upgrade two lines and buy new trains

Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi and Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Danilo Toninenlli signed a EUR 425 million agreement for the modernisation of lines A and B of the Italian capital metro system, as well as replacement of rolling stock. The two metro lines are 46-km long. EUR 184 million of the sum will be directed to the modernisation of stations, modernisation of the tunnelling system to prevent fires, but also to the modernisation of the electric power supply system. EUR 5 million will be granted to the modernisation of the train control system and passenger information system. The procurement of the 14 new metro units will cost EUR 134 million. EUR 66 million will be allocated to the maintenance of the units. Rolling stock renewal on Line A will cost EUR 36 million.
Rome’s Mayor says the situation of the two oldest metro lines in Rome is inacceptable, their advanced deterioration condition affecting the reliability of the public transport service.
“Problems on these two lines, Line A mostly, have accentuated because over the past years the maintenance service has been disastrous”, believes Virginia Raggi.
The Mayor of Rome assured that the new funds would ensure the punctuality of the metro transport service, as well as the modernisation of the electric system, of the tunnels and stations.

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