Romanian city of Arad launches tender for procurement of new trams

Arad Municipality will procure, in the first phase, 10 new trams whose total value is estimated at RON 73.03 million (EUR 15.6 million), VAT excluded, with the possibility that in the development period of the basic order contract (four years), the Municipality of Arad could procure an additional number of maximum 18 new trams. The additional trams will have the same or superior characteristics to those included in the offer, but they will have the same price per unit as those in the initial order.
The procurement of the 18 additional trams will be carried out within the duration of the contract (four years) by concluding an addendum, the contracting authority setting the review clause in the contract proposal.
Overall, for the 28 new trams, Arad Municipality estimates to pay RON 202.19 million (EUR 43.4 million), VAT excluded.
Financing will be covered from European funds through the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, Investment Priority 4.1 – Sustainable Urban Mobility, as well as through local budget funds. The deadline for receiving bids or requests for participation is 7 February 2019 and they will be evaluated by 7 August 2019.
The contract will not be divided on lots.
The attribution criterion is the best cost-performance report, therefore the financial component will have a share of 80%, while the technical offer will have a share of 20%.
The contract will develop over 48 months since the date of attribution.


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