Romania: Timişoara Municipality to contract feasibility study for metro project

IMG_8078The mayor of Timişoara announced during a press conference that he had given “green light” to contract a feasibility study on the construction of a metro system in Timişoara using special funds. The cost of such a project would amount at around EUR 2 Billion.
The railways crossing the city will be moved in the underground and the project will be implemented in partnership with CFR SA. According to the mayor, CFR’s current railways that cross Timişoara would be moved to the underground and a metro train would also run in the underground carrying the people living in Timişoara.
“We have given the green light for contracting the metro feasibility study. We have not forgotten about this project. The problem is the financing. Obviously, we cannot begin the implementation of such a project relying only on local budget funds and we cannot use the usual European funds either, but I consider accessing special funds, which are also available. But, in order to do that, we need a feasibility study. We can thus see the estimated costs and other important aspects that could only be emphasised by specialists dealing with the elaboration of feasibility studies. I have launched the idea after talking with specialists from Barcelona”, said Nicolae Robu.
The mayor said that in December he sent a notification to CFR to announce the company about his intentions.


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