Ricardo to deliver Maglev passenger cars for new Orlando rail system

orlandoRicardo, Inc. has signed a long term agreement to supply AMT, Inc. with magnetically levitated passenger cars for a project to establish a rail system between the Orlando International Airport, the Orlando Convention Center and nearby hotels. The passenger cars will be delivered for American Maglev Technology (AMT, Inc.).
Currently, the most common mode of transportation for visitors between the airport, convention center, nearby hotels and restaurants is by rental car or taxi. The new Maglev rail system will reduce traffic congestion and provide convenience and fast transportation for visitors to this area.
The experienced vehicle design and engineering team at Ricardo Inc. will immediately begin work on the lightweight rail car development, with a target to deliver the first two cars to AMT, Inc. by summer of 2016.
“Ricardo’s full spectrum of technical capability, including our project management and low-volume vehicle manufacturing will ensure smooth coordination and delivery for this exciting new rail system for Orlando,” Clive Wotton, president of Ricardo, Inc, said.

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