RCG creates a subsidiary in Serbia

Rail Cargo Carrier – SoutheastÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has formed Rail Cargo Carrier – Southeast, its new subsidiary in Belgrade, Serbia which is the 13th country in Europe RCG offers sustainable rail freight transport with its own staff and locomotives.

The new railway undertaking will mainly provide transit services between Turkey and Central and South-Eastern Europe, thus strengthening RCG’s market-leading position in Turkey.

“As the sustainable logistics backbone of the European economy, we are now also able to offer Serbian industrial companies an efficient and sustainable connection to our network (TransNET). Besides cost advantages and increased quality, in-house traction in 13 countries also offers a higher degree of flexibility,” RCG CEO Clemens Först said.

The company provides faster TransFER connections to Greece and Turkey.

Through Rail Cargo Carrier – Southeast, the operator can now provide transport services to Turkey on two alternative routes. One includes crossing Romania and the other, Serbia which will allow avoiding infrastructure limitations or restrictions.

The connection with Turkey has huge potential for sustainable, climate-friendly rail freight transport. As it stands, Turkish foreign trade is still heavily dependent on truck transport services. Rail currently accounts for only about 1% of Turkey’s exports. By establishing the company in Serbia, RCG is ensuring that rail freight transport in South-Eastern Europe expands and becomes more attractive.

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group is providing its services 365 days a year – 24 hours a day across Europe and beyond into Asia. The company is present in 17 countries with its own staff formed by 5,755 logistics professionals from 34 nations that ensure 463,000 trains a year to reach their destinations safe.

The group’s efficient end-to-end logistics services, the company transports 94 million net tonnes of freight each year. A modal share of 28 % (preliminary value) of the total freight market in Austria makes us top of the league in Europe.

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