RB Group orders new container flat cars

container flat car fleet RB Group and United Wagon Company (UWC) signed a contract for the supply of a container flat car fleet of 3,600 units.

The flat car, model 13-6903, has a length of 80 ft and a load capacity of 74.5 tonnes. Its ability to accommodate 20-, 30-, or 40-ft containers, including refrigerator and tank containers with a gross weight of up to 36 tonnes distinguishes this railcar as unique among its counterparts.

High-capacity containers of various sizes are placed and secured on the flat car in compliance with local technical conditions. The car’s frame is fitted with 4 fixed and 10 doubled movable pins to ensure that the containers are reliably secured.

The flat car is equipped with 25 tonnes bogies having an increased maintenance interval of up to 1 million km or 8 years of operation. The service life of the flat car is 32 years.

This model has been part of the UWC Group’s product portfolio since 2017. The production line assembling the flat car uses automated and robotic systems to weld its load-bearing components.

“The container shipment market has been growing for several years now. Apart from export and domestic traffic, we can see transit shipments growing rapidly in transport corridors connecting China and Europe, Asia and the Far East, Russia and Europe. In an increasingly competitive transport market, the task of minimising transport costs is becoming ever more pressing. The solution can be achieved, among other things, through the use of technical advantages of the new generation of freight rolling stock,” Ivan Mikhalevich, the Sales Director of UWC said.

The container flat car fleet will provide more efficient and reliable operation, thus enhancing and developing RB Group’s activities. RB is a rolling stock owner and operator working on the rail transport market and its partners the rail transport industry are major seaports, forwarding companies, terminals, terminal and logistics centres. In December 2020, the fleet owned and operated by the company stands at 2.5 thousand flat cars.

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