RATP wins contract to operate Lyon public transport

Lyon metro and tram

Sytral Mobilités awarded RATP the contract to operate Lyon metro and tram systems as well as the funiculars of Lyon’s TCL network (Transports en Commun Lyonnais).

The contract comes into effect on 1 January 2025 and also includes the operation of Lyon’s Rhônexpress airport link and future river shuttle service. RATP Dev, RATP Group’ subsidiary, will assist Sytral Mobilités in achieving its goal of making the Greater Lyon’s public transport exemplary, sustainable, and inclusive. Following the vote of the Sytral Mobilités Board on March 28, the transport authority confirms the awarding to RATP Dev of the contract to operate TCL’s heavy transport modes. This contract includes four metro lines, of which two are automated, 102 metro trains and 44 stations along 70 km

of tracks, carrying 50% of the network’s daily ridership, seven tramway lines, 107 tramways, and 128 stations along 71 km of tracks, two funicular railway lines and the Rhônexpress airport link, comprising 6 trains and 4 stations over 13 km of tracks. Lyon metro and tram systems have a total length of 141 km and are operated by 209 vehicles.

From January 2025 and for a contractual term of 10 years, RATP Dev will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the rolling stock, as well as maintaining the infrastructure and the security of the TCL network. From June 2025, RATP Dev will also manage—hand in hand with Yachts de Lyon—the operation and maintenance of the upcoming river shuttle service. This sustainable mode of transport is expected to ferry 560,000 passengers annually.

Working with Sytral Mobilités and in close collaboration with the operator of the buses and trolleybuses, RATP Dev will draw on RATP group’s expertise to ensure a seamless transition and a continued high-quality service offer every day. By selecting RATP Dev, Sytral Mobilités has chosen a global leader in the operation and maintenance of automated metros and high-capacity networks.

Together with the TCL teams, RATP Dev will support the major transformation planned by Sytral Mobilités over the coming years, in particular the automation of Line A, modernisation of Lines C and D, the launch of tramway lines T9 and T10, as well as the extension of Line T6. To accelerate the network’s decarbonisation, RATP Dev will help provide a clean electricity supply for the network, with priority given to local production. The company will also put in place a measuring tool to monitor its environmental impact, in support of Sytral Mobilités’ commitments.



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