Railway Days: USD 572 Million for investments in infrastructure and rolling stock

“Since 2008, when Armenian Railways were taken over by SCR until 2013, USD 2020 Million, of the total amount of investments of USD 572 Million, were invested in infrastructure modernisation and rolling stock renewal. Over the next period, we will invest the rest of the amount”, declared Akop Gabrielyan, Officer at the Department of International Affairs and Cooperation with Administrative Authorities within SCR, at the Railway Days – Wider Black Sea Area Railway Investment Summit, organised by Club Feroviar and AIF.
SCR plans to initiate projects to increase long-term efficiency, financial stability, the optimisation of the quality of services, the increase of transport capacity in Armenia and the integration into logistics systems on Europe-Asia axis. In 2012-2013, Armenia’s freight volume was of 118 million tonnes of which exports stood at 78.7 million tonnes and imports at 39.4 million tonnes. 40.62% of the volume is the share of European countries.
SCR’s freight transport share in the Armenian freight transport market is over 30% and the company wants to further increase its share in the market.
Regarding the international dimension, SCR pays special attention to directions to and from Turkey and Iran, to the organisation of traffic in the Persian Gulf to BSEC member states, establishing the shortest routes on Iran-Armenia-EU countries axis, as well as to transit through TRACECA international corridor.

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