Railcare to present its battery MPV in Münster

battery maintenance machine Railcare Group will present world’s first and largest battery maintenance machine for rail infrastructure at the IAF trade exhibition in Münster, which takes place from 31 May to 2 June.

The Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) will be demonstrated on the track at the exhibition. The new concept for railway maintenance is self-propelled and equipped with vacuum pumps, hydraulics, and control cabins so that it can be used as a complement to Railcare’s vacuum excavators, snow melters and function as a locomotive for macadam wagons during track work. The MPV can be delivered with battery or diesel power.

In October 2020, the company unveiled its latest innovative vehicle with a capacity equivalent to thirty electric cars.

The battery power option, which has been developed in collaboration with Epiroc and Northvolt, is proven in harsh environments, eliminates fossil emissions, and reduces noise levels significantly being the biggest advantages of battery operation. The emission-free maintenance machine has the same high performance as our other machines while contributing to a sustainable rail supply industry.

The battery maintenance machine is equipped with vacuum excavator with up to 40 cubic meter per hour without disturbing the track. the machine has a reduced level of heat and noise with zero toxic gases.
A large amount of company’s activities involve work underground and in urban environments. If the works are performed with diesel engines, they emit noise and exhaust emissions that can be tackled through electrifying the systems. By introducing the new vehicle concept, the Railcare sets a new standard in technology and brings sustainable solution to the rail industry.

The Multi-Purpose Vehicle is currently used in the railway tunnel on the 6 km Citybanan – Stockholm railway (Stockholm City Line) under a contract awarded by Trafikverket to vacuum line from the small particles and metal dust that arises during braking and collects in the tunnel.

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