Rail freight transport finally increased in Poland

After several years of stagnation and even slight decreases in rail freight transport, in 2017, Poland registered an 8 percent increase on all three main indicators such as weight of transported cargo, transport performance and operating performance.
In January – December 2017, on Poland’s railway network almost 240 million tonnes were transported, with a transport performance of 54.8 billion t-km (an increase of 8.3 percent).
PKP Cargo holds the first place regarding the share of RUs in terms of weight with 44.24 percent, an increase compared to 2016, when it had 43.87 percent. DB Cargo Polska and Lotos Kolej are ranked on the second and third place with a share of 17.88 percent and 5.56 percent respectively.
In terms of transport performance, PKP Cargo also holds the first place (with a share of 51.44 percent), followed by Lotos Kolej (9.76 percent) and PKP LHS (5.65 percent). DB Cargo Polska is on the fourth place, with a share of 5.32 percent.

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