Rail centre for cybersecurity to be established

rail cybersecurity centreEgis and Cylus entered into an agreement to create a rail cybersecurity centre of excellence for rail-focused and cybersecurity services.

The centre will support the rail companies in building their cyber resiliency and securing their critical networks. Built upon the world’s foremost experts, methodologies, technologies, and standards (IEC 62443), the Centre of Excellence delivers a wide array of advanced security solutions and services to customers worldwide. From development of strategy, through identification of cyber risks, to detection and response to incidents, railway companies will be supported in all aspects of cybersecurity.

The rail cybersecurity Centre of Excellence will support all the aspects of the rail cybersecurity which include cyber strategy and governance, gap and risk analysis, pen testing and attack simulation, vulnerability management, cyber threat detection, incident response, cybersecurity awareness and training, as well as the integration and project management.

“We are excited to collaborate with Cylus, the leading rail cybersecurity company. Joining forces enables us to provide our customers, unique domain expertise as well as cutting-edge cybersecurity know-how and best practices. We decided to take action and be proactive in supporting our customers by preparing them for the growing risk of cyber threats,” Says Olivier Bouvart, Executive Director Rail of Egis said.

Under the project, the two companies bring their combined expertise in offering end-to-end cybersecurity services, encompassing the rail operational network’s life cycle.

“We are thrilled to establish a partnership with Egis, which has decades of experience in providing mobility services around the globe. This partnership strengthens our capabilities to provide end-to-end support to rail organisations in meeting the specter of cyber threats. Our joint services are designed specifically for the railway industry and will enable our customer to focus on their day-to-day operations, business, and growth, leaving their cyber-defense management to our security experts. We are certain that this partnership will drive the rail industry towards a cyber-safe future,” Amir Levintal, the CEO of Cylus, said.

Cylus, with 100% focus on rail-cybersecurity, offers products for signalling protecting the trackside systems and controlling the networks and for tolling stock the products secure the onboard operation and passenger comfort systems.

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