Public transport ITS market in Europe exceeds EUR 1 bn

ITS-tram_nTramNott0914The market value for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) deployed in public transport operations in Europe was EUR 1.03 billion in 2014, according to a research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight.
Growing at a compound annual growth rate of 7.2 percent, this number is expected to reach EUR 1.46 billion by 2019. The European market for ITS for public transport is in a growth phase which will continue throughout the forecast period, researchers said. The fluctuating economic climate in most countries had limited effect on this market as the public investments which underpin a major part of the ITS initiatives remained stable throughout the periods of crisis in most countries.
The dominant providers are Trapeze Group, INIT and IVU, all from Germany. Companies with major market shares on national markets in Europe include Ineo Systrans in France and Vix in the UK. Other significant players include the Spanish groups Indra, GMV and Grupo Etra, Swarco’s subsidiary Swarco Mizar in Italy, Atron in Germany, Italy-based PluService, the Norwegian provider Fara and the Belgium-based company Prodata Mobility Systems.


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