Poznań to organise a tender for new EMUs acquisition

Wielkopolskie voivodeship, whose city of residence Poznań is, received a financial support of PLN 50 million (EUR 12 million) for the purchase of new trains. The total value of the entire project is PLN 120 million (EUR 28.7 million).
The EU co-financing was awarded within the 2014-2020 Infrastructure and Environment Program. The funds will be used to acquire five EMUs, which will be put into commercial service by Poznań Metropolitan Railway, on Poznan-Kostrzyn-Wrzesnia-Buk-Opalenica route. The EMUs will also be used on other regional routes such as Poznań – Oborniki – Rogozno, Poznań – Szamotuły – Wronki, Poznań – Mosina – Czempiń and Poznań – Pobiedziska – Gniezno.
Wielkopolskie voivodeship announces that in the second quarter of 2018, it will organise a tender to select the producer who will deliver the new rolling stock. The winner of the tender will have to deliver the EMUs within 18 months after signing the contract.
According to the requirements, the EMUs should run at a speed of 160 Km/h and will have to be adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility. Each EMUwill have to provide a seated transport capacity for 240 passengers, should be equipped with air conditioning systems, Wi-Fi, passenger information systems, monitoring equipment and with bicycle storage facilities.
”The co-financing agreement confirms that the EU funds for this investment is already secured,” Witold Słowik, Deputy Minister of Investment and Development, said.
”For Wielkopolska this is significant financial support, which will turn into an improvement in the quality of rolling stock and an increase of comfort and safety for passengers,” Zbigniew Hoffmann, governor of the Wielkopolska voivodeship, said.
Currently, for the transport system in the Wielkopolskie voivodeship there are 15 investments projects, developped with the support of the 2014-2020 Infrastructure and Environment Program. For these projects, PLN 2.94 billion (EUR 705.2 million) have been allocated from the EU funds.

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