Poznań to buy 5 new EMUs from Pesa

Greater Poland province has ordered five new electric trains for the Poznań Metropolitan Railway – a commuter rail service in the metropolitan area of Poznań. The five-car units of the Elf 2 type will be delivered by Polish rolling stock manufacturer Pesa in June-December 2020.
The order of the five new trains is PLN 127.3 million (EUR 29.4 million). Of this amount, PLN 48.75 million (EUR 11.3 million) were allocated from EU funds. The new vehicles will serve the Opalenica–Poznań–Września commuter line. Each train will be equipped with 240 seats, five ticket onboard ticket machines, two toilets, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi network, passenger information system, special areas for wheelchairs and bikes. The units will speed up to 160 km/h.
The Poznań Metropolitan Railway was launched by the government of Greater Poland province in June 2018. The new service is similar to the S-Bahn connections in German cities. It combines both urban and suburban rail links. The Poznan Metropolitan Railway has three lines: Poznań–Opalenica-Nowy Tomyśl, Grodzisk Wielkopolski-Poznań–Wągrowiec and Poznań–Jarocin.
By 2021, these routes will be extended to Września and Wronki stations. Also, the Kościan–Poznań–Gniezno and Rogoźno–Poznań–Swarzędz new routes will be added. All the lines are served by Koleje Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland Railways), a regional passenger rail operator established by Wielkopolska province in 2010.

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