Poland sets its 2017 rail priorities

This year, PKP Polish Railway Lines will launch more tenders and will sign contracts on rail modernisation projects. The 2017 value of investments is estimated at PLN 5.5 billion (EUR 1.3 billion).
“With tenders launched and investment documents preparation, PKP Polish Railway Lines made, last year, a lot of changes in railways. We will do all that it’s need for the increase of rail passenger and freight transport. We want more freight transported by rail, which is why we’re getting ready, among others, to modernise railway network from Silesia to the Baltic ports,” Ireneusz Merchel, CEO of PKP Polish Railway Lines said.
For 2017 rail projects, the company already signed some contracts and will soon launch the construction works.
On Warsaw railway ring, PKP PLK will launch works for Warszawa Golabki/Warszawa Zachodnia-Warszawa Gdanska section; the contract was signed this February. Also in Warsaw region, the company will launch works for the rehabilitation of Route 447, on the section between Warszawa Włochy and Grodzisk Mazowiecki.
For regional traffic, PKP PLK signed in January the contract for some important sections:
Ostrołęka – Łapy (80 km of single track), on line No. 36;
Czeremcha – Siedlce section (85 km of double-track) on line No. 31;
Czeremcha – Białystok section (70 km of single track), a strategic section, that is part of Rail Baltica corridor;
Lublin – Stalowa Wola Rozwadów, on 68 and 565 lines;
Otwock-Lublin section on line No. 7.
To increase rail freight traffic, in January, PKP PLK signed the contract for the rehabilitation of Chybie – Żory – Rybnik – Nędza line, in Rybnik Coal District, it will be modernised the section Sadowne – Czyżew on Line E75 (part of Rail Baltica), and the Zduńska Wola Karsznice – Bydgoszcz – Tczew section, on railway line C-E 65.
“The aim of government policy is to increase the mobility and comfort of movement in Poland. We want to offer an efficient and a more comfortable travel for passengers. The multibillion rail investments will be spent on railway line modernisation and on coherent network connections. These projects will contribute to the development of rail freight transport,” the Secretary Minister of Infrastructure and Construction Andrzej Bittel said.
All these projects are part of the National Railway Programme.
The value of tenders held in 2016 is assessed at PLN 27 bln (EUR 6.1 billion), more than the PLN 25 bln (EUR 5.7 billion) initially planned.
At the end of 2017 PKP PLK will have announced 60-70% of the tenders covered by the national rail program 2014-2023 worth PLN 67.5 bln (EUR 15.4 billion).

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