Poland and Belarus could build a new rail bridge across Bug River

The plan for a connection between Terespol (Poland) and Brest (Belarus) is starting to take shape. PKP PLK, the Polish rail infrastructure manager, announced negotiations with Belarus on the railway bridge. Poland’s Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Andrzej Bittel, believes that this bridge is necessary to increase railway capacity between the two states. “We have started a dialogue with Belarus and they are currently analysing our proposals on the project”, said Andrzej Bittel.
According to him, a higher cross-border railway transport capacity in the east of Poland at the border with Belarus, will improve passenger transport services and will accelerate freight transport to the west and south of Europe. For now, the existing infrastructure is capable to sustain the transport flow, but estimates show an increase of transport and therefore, it is also necessary to boost railway capacity.
“At the same time, we have been efficient in meeting the obligations we have assumed through international freight transport agreements. We plan to launch a series of investments to increase our capacity, especially while considering that with the development of the One Belt, One Road Initiative, the number of trains that cross Poland will also increase”, believes Andrzej Bittel.
Moreover, Poland announced that as of the fourth quarter of 2019 it plans to open a new border crossing point at Czeremcha-Wysokie.

Photo: PAP Agency/Jacek Turczyk

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