PKP Intercity awards largest infrastructure contract in Przemyśl

Przemyśl Bakończyce station PKP Intercity selected the consortium of KZN Rail and Wadom W. Małkowiak for the reconstruction of the Przemyśl Bakończyce station along with the construction of an ecological year-round rolling stock wash.

The consortium will implement the project under a PLN 340 million (EUR 79.1 million) contract to be completed within 24 months (2 years) from the date of conclusion of the contract. PKP Intercity has allocated PLN 383.3 million (EUR 89.2 million) for the project.

After analysing the submitted offers from eight companies and consortia, following the procedure in June 2023, PKP Intercity considered the most advantageous offer based on the offer evaluation criterion, which covered the price for the order execution and the order completion date.

The consortium will be responsible for the reconstruction of the parking area of Przemyśl Bakończyce station, including the construction of a year-round automatic car wash which will primarily improve the standard of vehicle maintenance and minimise the impact on the natural environment.

Thanks to the reconstruction, vehicle service time will be optimised, water management of the facility will be improved and it will be possible to comprehensively wash rolling stock, heat trains, and, above all, improve the operation of the entire Przemyśl Główny station and adapt it to the operation of vehicles already owned by the company, as well as modern rolling stock planned for purchase.

After the reconstruction, the station will enable the implementation of a better transport offer and will significantly improve the working conditions and comfort at the station thanks to the creation of administrative facilities.

The expansion of the track system will allow for the handling of a larger number of trains and will increase the efficiency of preparing trains for the route.

“The investment in Przemyśl is the largest infrastructure investment of PKP Intercity. Thanks to the reconstruction of the parking station and the construction of new repair hall buildings, not only will the connection network be increased, but also employment will increase to up to 150 people, which will enable significant development of the region. The car wash under construction will be one of 7 modern car washes in the company’s technical facilities,” Krzysztof Świerczek, member of the management board of PKP Intercity said.

The investment in the part related to the construction of a year-round automatic car wash was included in the project “We accelerate comfortably – modernisation of carriages and purchase of locomotives for PKP Intercity”implemented by a co-financing agreement under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational programme. In total, PKP Intercity obtained PLN 1 billion (EUR 232.7 million) in subsidies from EU funds under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational programme.

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