PJM’s brake testing system for Transwaggon

PJM’s brake testing systemTranswaggon is providing customers with PJM’s brake testing system thus making a key contribution to the automation and digitalisation of rail freight transport in Europe. Wagon rental customers save time and increase safety in operation by equipping their wagons with automatic brake testing.

PJM’s brake testing system, which is integrated into the overall digital WaggonTracker system, automatically checks the brake condition of freight wagons and replaces the time-consuming process of walking around the train. Data from the automatic brake test is immediately displayed on the locomotive or shunting crew‘s tablet. The automatic brake testing system has been positively assessed by TÜV Süd and it has also been type-approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (BAV) for SBB Cargo, which has already successfully tested its operation for many years.

Many other digital monitoring features are available for Transwaggon customers. In addition, the energy self-sufficient and powerful WaggonTracker system can be expanded with customer-specific systems. The integration of automatic brake testing and monitoring functions into the Transwaggon Group‘s equipment portfolio is a logical step.

“The automatic brake test saves time and increases safety during operation. It eliminates the need for a time-consuming walk around the entire train. Train preparation can therefore be carried out more quickly and safely,” Bertram Wieloch, CTO and member of the Transwaggon Group‘s Executive Board said.

For PJM, the cooperation with Transwaggon is another important step towards making state-of-the-art freight wagon technology available to smaller and private rail transport companies. “Wagon leasers get a flexible and cost-effective solution,“ sayd PJM CEO Günter Petschnig.

The technical equipment can be put together as required. “Our WaggonTracker features create immediate added value in rail logistics. More safety, lower costs, more efficiency and more time savings as well as a technologically-reliable solution for the future thanks to our scalable overall digital concept,” Günter Petschnig explains.

This is not the first cooperation between the Transwaggon Group and the Austrian system specialist PJM. In the past, around 500 wagons were equipped with the so called LoadMonitor, an automatic load weight monitoring system, on behalf of Mercer Holz.

The system analyses the load weight during the loading process and visually indicates the maximum load capacity. Since then, one of Europe‘s largest timber logistics companies has benefited from a better capacity utilisation, avoids overloading thanks to the precise data and appreciates completely paperless documentation.


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