Pennsylvania awards engineering contract on King of Prussia rail extension

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transport Authority (SEPTA) awarded HNTB, Inc. a contract to advance engineering of the King of Prussia Rail (KOP Rail) 7-km extension of the Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL). This contract will progress the engineering and architectural design from the conceptual Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA), completing 15 percent of the total design, under the first phase. Under the second phase, an option is also incorporated to continue advancing engineering to 30 percent complete. HNTB, Inc. will be involved in taking into consideration the public’s needs as the design is developed and finalized.
“The King of Prussia Rail project represents the type of investment that can transform mobility – figuratively and literally forming the backbone of an already thriving community,” SEPTA Board Chairman Pasquale Deon said.
The King of Prussia Rail Project proposes to extend the existing Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL) into King of Prussia, providing a “one-seat” ride to King of Prussia from any station along the NHSL.The extension will provide reliable transit service to King of Prussia destinations, including the Mall and area employment centers.
The current study is being funded through a federal earmark that was originally established for the Schuylkill Valley Metro project. However, additional funds will need to be identified in order to construct the 7-km rail extension. Engineering design and construction will take 3-4 years.
The estimated capital cost is USD 1.2 billion and the operation and maintenance costs range from USD4.9 to USD 5.2 million per year.

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