Oradea reconfirms rail transport investment plans

“We are currently tendering the construction of a double 3.8-km tram line and the procurement of 10 new trams. Also, we plan to procure a fleet of 20 modernised trams. These projects are part of our plan for the modernisation of the urban rail transport system and the procurement of quality services”, declared Adrian Revnic, Technical Director OTL (Oradea Local Transport Company, Romania) during the Rolling Stock Conference organised by Club Feroviar with the support of the Romanian Railway Industry Association on 25 and 26 April in Iasi.
For the procurement of the ten trams, local authorities have submitted the documents to get a European financing of EUR 19 million. With a total value of around RON 88.9 million (EUR 19.11 million), the non-reimbursable financing is of 98%, which is more than RON 87 million (EUR 18.73 million). The contract notice for the procurement of 20 second-hand trams was published in March and the contract is worth EUR 625 thousand, VAT free.
OTL implemented a series of projects for the modernisation of the tram fleet and bought 10 Tatra trams from Berlin last year. The vehicles were upgraded after 2000. OTL plans to develop a single tariff system for both the city and the adjacent areas because the company plans to extend public transport services to the suburbs. Moreover, next year, a new ticketing system based on contactless cards will be commissioned. At present, OTL operates 7 tram lines and 19 bus lines.

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