OEVRZ starts Moskva metro assembly process

Oktyabrsky Electric Railway Car Repair Plant (OEVRZ), together with Metrovagonmash, have started the implementation of the assembly process for the new Moskva metro cars. OEVRZ has finalized the installation of manufacturing equipment, the preparation of the tooling for mounting of underframe equipment and movement of cars, as well as the design and technical documentation.
The first eight-car Moskva train is scheduled to be manufactured at OEVRZ in June 2018. The plant will carry out the whole range of works for the assembly of the new Moskva cars, including car body painting, installation of underframe and other equipment, as well as of air conditioning system, mounting of seats, interior coating, watering and trial runs before delivery to the customer.
The new design includes wider doorways compared to previous models, as well as pass-through along the entire train. The trains are equipped with a new door closing-opening light signalling system. They operate on modern asynchronous traction drive. The car design includes air conditioning and ventilation systems, USB sockets for charging passengers’ electric devices. Space for bicycles and carriages is also allocated in the trains. The trains also have minimized noise intensity and improved thermal insulation inside the cars.

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