ÖBB unveils the 2021 investment plan

rail investment
Photo: ÖBB / Robert Deopito

ÖBB has announced a EUR 2.13 billion infrastructure rail investment in 2021 for projects to be carried out in Vienna region, Burgenland, Lower Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg and Upper Austria.

EUR 700 million will support the projects in the Eastern Region to provide increased quality services on the railway routes and stations in and around Vienna, through better connections for commuter and long-distance services. Two thirds of the rail passengers are in the eastern region, which is one of the many reasons to rely on the expansion of the rail infrastructure in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland.

“ÖBB Group will continue to consistently carry out its responsibility with investments in the rail infrastructure in 2021, against and precisely because of the current crisis. With major route extensions, many new train stations and a well-thought-out planning offensive, we are creating the basis for attractive, safe and climate-friendly rail transport in the eastern region,” Andreas Matthä, CEO of ÖBB-Holding said.

The projects in Vienna involve the construction of a new connection between Hütteldorf and Meidling, a four-track extension on the southern route from Meidling to Mödling and the modernisation of Meidling-Floridsdorf line. The construction works for these projects are expected to start between 2022 and 2027. The renovation of Matzleinsdorfer Platz, Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof, Grillgasse and Strebersdorf stations will start this year, while the entire Praterstern station extension will be completed in February 2021.

In Burgenland, the projects cover electrification works for Ostbahn and Mattersburger Bahn, the construction of Ebenfurth loop, the construction of a rail branches to Vienna Airport and from Northern Burgenland and eastern Lower Austria to Vienna.

In Lower Austria, construction works will be carried out for the expansion of some rail routes including the Vienna-Bratislava route, as well as double-tracking of Vienna-Pottendorfer connection. Some railway stations will be also modernised or reconstructed. Park & ​​Ride facilities and a new central ÖBB training facilityi in St. Pölten will be constructed.

In Styria, ÖBB has announced a EUR 530 million rail investment to maintain, modernise and expand 792 km long route network. Under the plans, the Styrian regional railway lines will be further modernised.  The company will be focused on the works for the new southern line. For the 33 km Koralmbahn, 13,000 track slabs will be produced and installed. Works will also be performed for the 27-km-long Semmering Base Tunnel. The infrastructure manager will modernise the stations and will build new Park & Ride facilities to promote sustainable mobility.

In Carinthia southern region EUR 408 million will be invested for the modernisation and expansion of 516 km of lines. Koralm tunnel will also include works in this region, while the 8-km Karawanks tunnel will be completely modernised in September. Klagenfurt – Weizelsdorf rail electrification will start in March and the stations along the line will be modernised. The construction of the Obervellach II power plant will be continued to increase the hydropower clean energy production. The new plant will be completed in 2023. ÖBB will also be focused on the mdoernisation of Carinthia region’s stations to provide passengers increased comfort and access.

This year, EUR 265 million will be invested in Upper Austria to create a strong and resilient railway network with improved capacity, which will be able to shift the road transport to railways. The construction works for Marchtrenk-Wels western route will start and the Linz Stadthafen marshalling yard will be completed. The works across the region cover 878 km of rails and 211 train stations and stops. The plans include four-track expansion of the western line, the submission of Linz Vbf project, the environmental impact assessment for West – Linz signal bridge at the BMK, the modernisation and reconstruction of the stations across the region.

In Salzburg region, the ‘record’ rail investments worth EUR 160 million to modernise the 245 km network. The construction of the Tauernmoos power plant will continue with a planned commissioning for 2025. The Steindorf-Neumarkt extension will be completed at the end of 2021, while the S-Bahn trains will run on the completed electrified Steindorf – Friedburg line. Modernised stations and additional Park & ​​Ride facilities will provide passengers increased capacity.

Vorarlberg will benefit a EUR 66 million rail investment which will support the completion of Altach stop, the extension of Lustenau – Lauterach route, the construction of more parking spaces at the train stations, barrier-free measures and ongoing maintenance work. The entire 104-km network is currently using green traction and the projects will involve increased performance.


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