ÖBB announces new investments for Upper Austria


ÖBB will invest EUR 269 million in Upper Austria for railway projects which envisage the modernisation of Braunau and Wernstein stations, technical works on the regional routes, including signalling systems, infrastructure upgrading, the construction of park & ride facilities.
Also, under company’s strategy, plans are in full swing for the implementation of Linz-Marchtrenk line extension, with construction work scheduled to start in 2020. The project consists of four-track extension of the Linz-Marchtrenk line which needs a EUR 700 million investment. The construction of the four-track extension at Linz Central station will need EUR 250 million and works will start in 2019. All construction work will be carried out by ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG.
The modernisation of Braunau and Wernstein stations will require EUR 65 million. At Braunau station a new electronic interlocking system will be installed, and a street underpass a pedestrian and cycleway underpass will be built. In addition, a park & ride facility with 158 parking spaces for cars, of which 90 for bicycles and 10 for mopeds, and a new bus terminal will be constructed. The total cost for Braunau first phase of modernisation amounts EUR 20 million and the groundbreaking ceremony is planned for autumn 2018.
Also, under Wernstein station project, the total investment is EUR 44.6 million and envisages new platforms, new underpasses including pedestrian passage and new track systems and three railway junctions. In addition, a highway will be relocated. The first phase of construction began in January 2018.
For the regional routes’ modernisation projects, ÖBB will invest EUR 26 million will be allotted for four stations Lungitz, Gaisbach-Wartberg, Kefermarkt.
In Wels area, ÖBB will invest EUR 10.6 million for the modernisation of Losenstein and Reichraming stations, on the Ennstal line (which links Styria and Salzburg). In the region, on the Pyhrn line, Neuhofen an der Krems, Kematen and Rohr-Bad Hall stations will be modernised.
Upper Austria, ÖBB and Transport Ministry, together with the mobile and communication operators, will invest EUR 100 million for the expansion and modernisation of the communication network. Within the project, ÖBB will allot EUR 66 million. In the next few years, about 1,500 km of the domestic railway network will receive better mobile connections.
Upper Austria has an 862-km railway network, representing 18 percent of the national network, served by 223 railway stations.

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