North Tyneside Metro stations to be modernised

Nexus, the public authority which owns and operates the Tyne and Wear Metro, will carry out major refurbishment at three historic Metro stations in North Tyneside.
The £700,000 (EUR 785,000) project, which started at the end of February, will see Cullercoats, Monkseaton and West Monkseaton Metro stations undergo modernisation to improve accessibility, security and energy efficiency while preserving the original structures and dealing with more than a century of wear and tear. It will bring the stations up to modern standards of disabled access and provide a better waiting environment, with improved seating and lighting. Cullercoats opened in 1882 and is among the oldest stations on Metro; the station buildings at Monkseaton were completed in 1915, and West Monkseaton was opened in 1933.
This is the latest in a programme which has 30 Metro stations refurbished since 2010 as part of the Metro all change modernisation programme. There are 60 Metro stations in total.
“The work we are planning at West Monkseaton, Monkseaton and Cullercoats is vital because these are very old stations which were built decades before the Metro system opened in 1980. The work will be similar to work we have already carried out at other suburban Metro stations by improving accessibility for passengers with disabilities,” Managing Director of Nexus, Tobyn Hughes, said.

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