Nordic Re-Finance and SBB Cargo sign locomotive contract

diesel AM843 locomotivesNordic Re-Finance, the Swedish locomotive leasing company, and SBB Cargo signed a sales/leaseback agreement for 44 SBB’s four-axle diesel AM843 locomotives.

The locomotives, which is used primarily for switching but also works excellently for lighter line transport, will remain in Switzerland and be operated by SBB Cargo for at least five years, after which the locomotive will have a new lease of life primarily in Sweden.

The locomotives are flexible in their area of use and currently this type of locomotive is used for transport, industrial change, terminal and port shunting and infrastructure work. Even if the railway is gradually electrified more and more, the need for diesel locomotives will not decrease as the volumes on the railway are constantly increasing. Working chairman of the board of Nordic Re-Finance Sven Engquist comments on the deal:

“Together, we have paved the way for the modernisation of our fleet and sustainable reuse of our AM843s. Thanks to our cooperation, anchored in trust from previous business, we were able to find a win/win solution and further expand the strategic partnership between SBB Cargo and Nordic Re-Finance,” Jasmin Bigdon, the head of the rolling stock department at SBB Cargo said.

In Sweden, the majority of the larger single-cab locomotives consist of T43 and T44, locomotives manufactured by ASEA during the 1960s and 70s. The locomotives are reliable but do not live up to the environmental requirements of the future, while new diesel locomotives with a 30-40 year depreciation period are risky to invest in given the uncertainty surrounding future emission requirements.

With the acquisition of these diesel AM843 locomotives, which also received environmental updates during their lifetime, Nordic Re-Finance ensures that future-proof diesel locomotives will be available on the Swedish market.

“The purchase of the locomotives responds to the need we see that the market is asking for, to also carry out the deal together with SBB Cargo, where we have established a good cooperation through previous vehicle purchases, feels safe and stable,” working chairman of the board of Nordic Re-Finance Sven Engquist said.


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