Nokia to deliver mobile radio system for Grand Paris Express

Radio access networkSociété du Grand Paris (SGP) awarded Nokia a contract to deploy its 5G mobile core and radio access network for the 200 km driverless metro system that is expected to carry up to 2 million passengers a day.

Nokia solutions include a state-of-the-art, multi-service IP/MPLS high-speed network to support all Grand Paris Express operational and maintenance requirements. The private mobile radio solution is designed for operational communications and indoor/outdoor connectivity across all Grand Paris Express stations, lines and depots. Mission-critical application requirements across the four lines will be supported by the multi-service IP/MPLS network.

The highly-secure IP/MPLS communications network will operate as a powerful, high-speed backbone that increases operational efficiency, enhances safety, and improves the passenger experience. High-speed communication between the centralised control centre and the automated stations, lines and depots it supervises is key to daily operations and maintenance, and an important component in realizing SGP’s cybersecurity strategy.

With real-time video surveillance inside the trains, centralised operations teams can quickly identify and flag issues and threats, accelerate response times and assure greater safety overall for passengers, emergency response teams and employees.

For travellers, the new communications system promises superior levels of service, with intuitive ticketing and enhanced updates regarding passenger information.

The Grand Paris Express, which will serve the Greater Paris area, covers the construction of the new 15, 16, 17 and 18 lines around Paris, the extension of line 14, the construction of 68 new metro stations and the development of new neighbourhoods around these future urban centres.

The contract on the delivery of the radio access network follows a contract awarded by Société du Grand Paris to implement LTE wireless network systems to provide critical network connectivity across three of the new Paris metro lines.

“These projects provide critical high-speed connectivity and performance at all points within the new Grand Paris metro and its operations, giving SGP the highest levels of confidence in its end-to-end Nokia network,” Matthieu Bourguignon, Vice President Enterprise Europe Sales at Nokia, said.


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