Nidera acquires terminal in port of Constanta

staticNidera has fully acquired the USA/USC Terminal in the port of Constanta, Romania. With the full ownership Nidera secures its position in this strategic port at the Black Sea. The port of Constanta is a traditional partner for the Central and Eastern European countries with high agricultural production. It plays a key role in the export of these products from the inlands of Romania and the Balkans.
“This acquisition fits perfectly in our growth strategy. It is a great opportunity for Nidera to establish and sustain a leading position in the origination and distribution of agricultural commodities in Central and Eastern Europe”, Marc Kwakkelstein, Executive Vice President Europe of Nidera said.
Throughout the past years Nidera has already been using this terminal for the export of various grains and oilseeds. However, with an ever increasing market share as a result of improvements in tha company’s origination program, full ownership of such a terminal in the port of Constanta is essential for the realization of company’s growth strategy in this region.

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