A new work schedule for Grand Paris Express

The French Government has recently announced a new work schedule for Grand Paris Express. Priority projects to be completed around 2024 include the railways serving most residents of Paris region: Line 15 South, the extensions of Line 14 to north and to south, as well as the joint section of Line 16 and Line 17 between Saint-Denis-Pleyel and Le Blanc-Mesnil. Also, works on Le Bourget-RER section of Line 16 will be completed around 2024, as well as the future Clichy-Montfermeil rail station. The extension of Line 17 up to Bourget-Aéroport rail station will be completed by 2024 only if possible.
The rest of the railways included in the project have been postponed and are now expected to be completed around 2030: the extension of Line 16 up to Noisy-Champs; the finalisation of Line 15; the extension of Line 17 to Mesnil-Amelot terminus point; the finalisation of Line 18 to Versailles.
The French Government also plans to reduce the costs of the project by 10%. Therefore, several possibilities will be analysed, such as: reducing the size of future rail stations, eliminating some of the interconnections and a more rigorous management of public tenders. Estimated costs of the project increased from EUR 19 billion in 2010 to EUR 35 billion, at the moment.

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