New train depot opened on Big Circle Line

Moscow Metro opened Nizhegorodskoye depot, the largest among those that will serve the Big Circle Line (BCL), accommodating 40% of modern trains of the line that will be fully opened in the nearest future.

“The coaches will be serviced with the most modern equipment under the life cycle contract. The waiting time for trains at stations will be reduced, which will make travel on the BCL even more comfortable. The new depot means about 900 new jobs with stable income and social guarantees from the Government of Moscow. It has the best conditions for productive work and recreation for the employees,” Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport said.

The construction of the Nizhegorodskoye depot started in 2015. The facilities are located almost in the center of Moscow; it was built on the site of the former Moscow Carriage Modernisation and Construction Plant.

Among the benefits brought by the new depot, the Moscow Metro mentions that the number of trains on the BCL will almost double, reducing the waiting time. Moreover, the specialists of the manufacturing plant will work in the depot to service the trains under the life cycle contracts. In addition, the depot creates about 900 new jobs with social guarantees and comfortable conditions. Finally, the network now has a fourth connection between the metro and the railways, which means that the network will receive new trains from the plant even faster.

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