New steps for the Denmark-Sweden metro line

The project amounts to a cost of DKK 30 billion (EUR 4 billion). Works are estimated to begin in 2028. The new line could be inaugurated in 2035. It is a project initiated years ago, a project that proposes building a metro network between Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and Malmö, one of the most important cities in Sweden. The metro trainsets will depart every one minute and a half and will cover the distance between Copenhagen and Malmö in 23 minutes, about half of which now takes a journey between the two cities, on the surface with other means of transport.
„The Öresund metro surpassed the stage of vision that I had six to seven years ago and it became a chance for a feasible project,” Frank Jensen, mayor of the Danish capital city says.
“The new metro will have strategic importance for the most attractive business markets in Northern Europe. Scandinavian countries will have the opportunity to become a significant spot on the European map,” Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, mayor of Malmö, acknowledges.
Currently, road and rail connections of the Scandinavian region, via the Öresund Bridge, allow the transit of 1.3 million passengers per hour. Estimates show that the figure would rise to about 2.3 million after the construction of the Öresund metro line.
In this respect, the mayors of the two cities, Copenhagen and Malmö, announced the establishment of a partnership to promote the Öresund Metro project. The management of this partnership will be provided by Jørn Neergaard Larsen, former Labor Minister in Denmark.
The future metro line will travel 22.1 kilometers in the rail tunnel under the Öresund Strait, which separates Denmark from Sweden. The line will be designed to support the operation of 36 trains per hour, towards each direction. Five stations will be built along the route and metro trainsets will travel at a speed of 120 km/h.

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