New generation signalling solutions from ALTPRO

ALTPRO is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of signalling systems for railway infrastructure and vehicles. The company is active in more than 50 countries around the world and has over 180 employees. Through a branched network of partners, ALTPRO is able to provide optimal support to customers in any part of the world.
The long-awaited Innotrans 2022 will be the 9th at which ALTPRO exhibits its systems, but also one of the most important ones so far.


Due to the significant increase in customer interest in railway related products and services, ALTPRO will present numerous product and service innovations in both product programs this year. A large number of investments in the renewal of infrastructure and rolling stock fleets, both in the world and in Europe, led to the need to round off the product offering accompanied by a complete service. Increased demand must be followed by adequate increase in capacity which is why the Company will make its third major investment in the last 10 years. New development and production facility will be built in Zagreb, Croatia and will serve as a support to the new approach ALTPRO has to the global market. The investment will be ready by the end of 2022 and will significantly increase the Company’s capacities.
In the infrastructure segment, a wide portfolio of in-house developed products is complemented by integration services of entire signalling subsystems, telecommunications, as well as technical protection and video surveillance subsystems into a complete “turnkey” Control Command and Signalling subsystem. Such philosophy has put ALTPRO in a strong position for offering complex projects that require a higher level of knowledge in the most demanding segment of railway infrastructure.
In the rail vehicle segment, ALTPRO will present fully rounded production and service options for every rail vehicle operator. Complex vehicles such as railway locomotives require the multidisciplinarity and agility of the companies involved in their care. ALTPRO worked on the knowledge accumulation and competencies for years and today is able to offer a complete solution for the operators.


Integrators of Control Command and Signalling subsystem or construction works need reliable suppliers in the execution of projects such as renovation or construction of a new railway line. Integrating one of the infrastructure subsystems is a task of great complexity. It takes a lot of experience and trust in a whole range of partners needed for successful implementation.
During the 28 years of its existence, ALTPRO has gathered the necessary knowledge to be able to cooperate with the biggest names in the railway industry and execute the most complex projects. The current project of construction and renovation of 42 kilometers of railway from Križevci via Koprivnica to the state border in Croatia is proof of ALTPRO’s ability. In this project, the Company integrates a number of components of the signalling subsystem in cooperation with Bombardier (Alstom). In addition to the integration know-how, ALTPRO develops and upgrades its competences in the area without which the railway would not exist in the first place – signalling products.


Since its inception, ALTPRO has worked on the development of a product portfolio as the base of any successful company. The results of such an approach can be seen in a series of developed and marketed products, such as a level crossings system, a series of axle counters and wheel sensors, systems for secure data transmission, advanced cloud-based device diagnostics… All products are certified for the highest level of safety (SIL 4) and are flexibly designed to be able to adapt to the requirements of many different customers and the most diverse applications such as conventional railways, metros, monorails and trams. Despite its wide portfolio, ALTPRO continues to be at the very top of trends in the signaling industry. The needs of railways today show how the industry will move in the direction of distributed, IoT, digital systems that will be able to provide much more than their basic function. One of such systems is train detection, i.e. axle counters, which are subject to increasingly rigorous requirements.
New generation axle counter solution APAX from ALTPRO will redefine the role of an axle counter on a railway network. It comes with a range of future-proof features like self-tuning, IoT, user intuitive interfaces like diagnostics monitoring via cloud based solution, preventive maintenance features and exceptional immunity to different kinds of environmental influences. Automatic project configuration design features will make this system easy to configure to up to several thousand counting points and over thousand sections. Mix of these features will enable any infrastructure manager a carefree management and reliable operation in all kinds of applications ranging from regular ones to some more specific like tramway, metro, monorail or APM.


As a long-term regional leader in the production and implementation of INDUSI-based ATP systems, ALTPRO has expanded its activities to a whole range of supporting products and services that any operator could ask for. Providing services such as support during the introduction of vehicles to the market, preventive and corrective maintenance, spare parts management and the implementation of the necessary products of own and foreign production, ALTPRO has profiled itself as a “one-stop shop” for operators in the region. Knowledge of various types of vehicles, many years of experience in different conditions are a basic requirement for a company that wants to perform such a service. Along with a complete vehicle care service, ALTPRO takes care of its core competencies – product research and development – which led to the development of a new, INDUSI PZB 90 based ATP system under the name RAS90.
INDUSI train protection is well known and widely used ATP system, especially in Europe. The mix of cost effectiveness, reliability and simplicity is something which is very attractive to its long-term and new users. With the new solution from ALTPRO, this system is getting a modern look and features while maintaining the aforementioned mix which made it famous. Now it is possible to easily use it in different kinds of applications besides regular railway, like metro systems. RAS90 hardware platform is designed in a modular way, meaning it can be easily adapted not just for different applications but for different ATP functionalities or completely different products.
While developing the system, many challenges faced by both the owner and the on-site users of this ATP have been taken into account. ALTPRO looked at the big picture and resolved current and potential future challenges the owners and users of this ATP might have. Numerous modern updates (distributed system, CAN communication, cloud based diagnostic) are making this system an ATP for many years to come.

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