New bridge over the Port of Malmö project receives EU support

91031EU will co-finance with over EUR 1 million preparatory studies for the construction of a rail and road bridge over the Port of Malmö in Sweden. The new bridge will help to improve the cargo transfer at the port and improve the national rail capacity.
The total project cost is EUR 2 million, of which EU will support 50%. The studies will prepare the construction of the bridge and the adaptation of the rail and road infrastructure at the port area. They will clarify the overall layout of the new transport network and provide detailed plans for the bridge, including an environmental and public welfare study.
The studies will also prepare the investment to increase rail capacity and flexibility for cargo operations, as well as new public roads in the harbour.
The project is expected to have a significant impact on the national and EU rail freight capacity, since the port is closely linked to the main European (TEN-T) rail network.

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