MTR to receive the new trains from Hyundai Rotem

mtrStarting from September this year, Hyundai Rotem Company will start to deliver new trains for MTR’s future North South Corridor of the Shatin to Central Link (SCL), which will extend the existing East Rail Line (EAL) to Admiralty Station.
The 37 new train sets are equipped with new design features including LED interior lighting, 27” Liquid Crystal Display passenger information systems, custom-made dynamic route maps and improved grab poles.
Upon arrival in Hong Kong, these new trains will undergo a comprehensive series of tests in the depot and subsequently on track.
Apart from the new design features, the new trains are slightly wider than the existing EAL trains. To facilitate the on-track dynamic testing, preparation has been carried out together with the platform improvement works to adjust the platform edges along the East Rail Line to accommodate the new trains.
The works will start at University and Tai Wo stations from the end of July this year, to be followed at other stations progressively.

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