MTR resumes signalling system tests on East Rail Line

MTR has commenced the dynamic train test for the new signalling system of East Rail Line, providing boundary services between Hong Kong and Shenzhen via Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau. The test will be carried out during non-traffic hours for two to three nights a week to avoid impacting on normal train service.
The signalling system of East Rail Line needs to be upgraded to prepare for the future operation of the Shatin to Central Link across the harbour. Although the new signalling system for the future East Rail Line is different from the new system of Tsuen Wan Line, to be prudent, all train tests relating to new signalling systems had been temporarily suspended since an incident occurred on 18 March.
Static tests, which do not involve train movements, have resumed gradually since early May and such tests have been smooth so far. MTR has requested the contractor to submit a detailed assessment to confirm that the system meets the safety requirements for dynamic testing. At the same time, an Independent Safety Assessor appointed by the company has conducted a safety assessment, which has confirmed that the new signalling system meets international safety standards for dynamic testing.
After reviewing the information submitted by the contractor and confirming that the testing plans are safe, MTR gave agreement to the resumption of dynamic train test for the new signalling system on East Rail Line starting from 28 May.
At the end of 2012, MRT awarded Siemens a HKD 850 million (USD 10.8 million, at 2019 prices) for the installation of CBTC technology, including for the 6-km extension. Under the contract, Siemens provided Trainguard MT automatic train control system for the entire line.
The East Rail Line, one of the 10 MTR lines in Hong Kong, is a 47-km double electrified track served by 16 stations, of which two stations (East Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon Tong) are the interchange hubs with Tsuen Wan Line and Kwun Tong Line respectively, and one station – East Tsim Sha Tsui, is an intermediate station of West Rail Line.

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