Mozambique – Zimbabwe container train service launched

Maputo – Harare train service DP World has launched the Maputo – Harare train service linking Mozambique and Zimbabwe offering a multitude of new business opportunities for customers in the two African countries.

DP World Maputo, which has the concession to manage, develop and operate the Maputo container terminal, is focused on the expansion of its logistics and supply chain offering in the region, and key to its vision to provide rail connection to several countries in Southern Africa including Swaziland.

“This rail service between Maputo and Harare is key to reopening the route between these markets to drive more efficient logistics in the region. Through this service, which we will facilitate and handle all port and border documentation, we can cut down transit times, give our customers better service and improve the connections between cities,” Christian Roeder, CEO of DP World Maputo said.

The Maputo – Harare train service will be provided twice a week and DP World Maputo will continue to work with all the stakeholders involved to develop this container train service between the two cities, to allow even greater cost saving and planning opportunities for businesses and individuals who need reliable, efficient transportation of goods.

Not only will this help enhance DP World Maputo’s position as a gateway to Zimbabwe, but the service also offers significantly better transit times for customers in Zimbabwe. In the past, transit goods on their way to Harare would often have to be transported far greater distances by sea and road, but this route will give customers a new, direct, and faster option for delivery.

Following the launch of the bi-weekly rail service, DP World Maputo will allow greater cost saving and planning opportunities for businesses and individuals who need reliable, efficient transport of goods in the region.

The rail service also follows the recent announcement of DP World Komatipoort in South Africa, handling its first transit import via Maputo, demonstrating that the Maputo Port can be seamlessly used as a gateway to South Africa’s hinterland using DP World Komatipoort. International container imports landed in Maputo port and destined for the South African hinterland, can now be moved under bond to Komatipoort, where full customs clearance can be provided and made ready for delivery across South Africa.

Maputo Corridor is a vital trade route in Southern Africa, and DP World is committed to invest in new infrastructure to meet local demand. DP World Maputo’s container terminal capacity will also be enhanced, having already doubled in size between 2016 and 2018.

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