Moscow unveils its 2022 transport investment programme

The Moscow city has approved the Targeted Investment Programme for 2020-2022 on October 18, prioritizing the transport sector and the projects which will be implemented during the next three years.
In the next three years, the city will construct 67.7 km of metro lines, 27 stations and two depots. Most of the projects will be performed to extend the Big Circle, targeting the Solntsevskaya section, from Rasskazovka to Vnukovo, Sokolnicheskaya line, from Kommunarka to Potapovo stations and Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line, from Seligerskaya to Severny district.
In addition, groundwork will be laid for metro lines and stations to be commissioned after 2022, including new Kommunarskaya, Rublyovo-Arkhangelskaya and Biryulevskaya lines.
As a result of the metro construction programme, 95% of citizens will have metro stations within walking distance by 2027.
On railway transport, the Russian capital will perform construction works for additional main tracks as well as reconstruction and construction work, for new railway stations for the phased introduction of the Moscow Central Diameters. A total of 375 km of tracks, 180 stations and about 100 transfer stations will benefit these works.
At the end of 2019, Moscow will launch transport services on the first two diameters with 5 to 6 minutes’ headway. The MCD-1 will offer transport link between Odintsovo and Lobnya and the MC-2, will connect Nakhabino and Podolsk.
The new investment programme provides for the construction of the engineering phase of 55 transport interchange hubs, so that passengers could comfortably change from one mode of transport to another. As part of the transport hubs, 5 bus stations, 14 terminal stations of surface public transport, 35 underground and seven above-ground pedestrian crossings are expected to open, with about 15,000 parking spaces arranged.

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